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Digitization Voucher 2020 - 2021
It is a contribution that the Italian State offers to companies that need to renew company technologies and provides for a maximum of € 10,000 for non-repayable disbursement.

The vouchers substantially represent reimbursements subsequent to the technological adaptation of the requesting company, which must submit an application to its own chamber of commerce.

Thanks to this support you can be ready on the day of the announcement, which usually has a non-repayable share of 80% of the sums spent for technological adaptation.

Digitization Voucher:

What it finances

The voucher can be used to purchase software, specialist services and / or hardware that allow you to:

  • Improve business efficiency;

  • Modernize the organization of work, through the use of technological tools and forms of work flexibility, including teleworking;

  • Develop e-commerce solutions;

  • Benefit from broadband and ultra-broadband connectivity or internet connection using satellite technology;

  • Train your employees;

  • Purchase of capital goods;

  • Specialist consultancy in the ICT sectors;

  • Carry out qualified training of personnel in the ICT field.

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